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Ghost story: Objects Moving on Their Own Part 1

This will be the first of a few posts about the experiences I’ve had with the other side. I have always kept these stories to myself because people would think I’m crazy. Now I don’t give a shit anymore. If there’s one person among all my Twitter and Facebook friends who believes in it and can relate to my experiences and it gets us talking about it, then it’s worth it. If you don’t believe in it, that’s your own problem and when it happens to you some day, you’re going to feel like an ass for doubting it. Besides nowadays, most people believe in it and half the people out there have had some kind of experience themselves. 

When I was 8 and 9 in the mid 1980's we lived in a haunted house. It was at 42 Seaside Avenue, Westbrook, CT. We all had crazy experiences there from hearing noises to seeing things move on their own. We even got a couple pictures. I’ll start with a story that’s the hardest to explain away and actually the least scary thing that happened to me there. 

Parts of the house were built around 1830 and the rest had been added on in the 20th century some time. The older parts of the house was where most things happened. Not all, but most of them. Our bedrooms, unfortunately were all in the old part of the house. I was always scared to be in that part by myself so I kept my bedroom door open as far as it could go. There was no perpendicular wall like there usually is in a bedroom so the door would swing all they way around parallel to the door frame. The door actually rested up against the wall next to the door frame so to close, it had to swing a complete 180 degrees around. This gave me some small comfort. 

One night my mother and I were sitting on my bed talking. I had the door all the way open as I always did, up against the wall. The window was closed. We started hearing people whispering in the room with us and stopped talking. The door then slowly swung around by itself. We watched it swing all the way around and close. The doorknob turned when the door closed, as if someone was trying to do it quietly. When the door was closed, the knob turned back and then it locked from inside the room. We saw the lock turn on the knob by itself right in front of us.
My mother got up and went out of the room to see if either of my brothers were out there, even though there’s no way they could have turned invisible to close the door and turn the knob and lock it from inside the room. They were all out in another part of the house nowhere near us. 

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